Bullrush is a funny, gritty, crime thriller about fallen football legend, Dove Lebuick, who is forced to look for second chances by reinventing himself. But the road from pro athlete to civilian is a rocky one, especially when a judge puts him on probation after a career-ending injury, not his, the one he inflicted on the opposition’s star quarterback in a fit of rage.

When his best friend’s son isn’t picking up his cell, Lebuick is only four hours away. And so begins a roller coaster ride of amateur, often clumsy, detective work as Lebuick encounters a series of memorable characters. A corrupt football coach, a vicious, good ol’ boy whose pig farm masks a despicable criminal operation, a down-on-his-luck old friend from his football days and an up-in-your-grill female cop he wrestles with in and out of the sheets.

It’s irreverent, sexy and, like our hero, completely twisted.

In the tradition of writers like John Sanford and David Baldacci comes JT Defoe with a crime thriller for mystery lovers looking for a new hardened hero. Fast-paced, full of suspense and with a wicked sense of humor, the Dove Lebuick series will become your new favorite read.